The Hermitage Team of Churches have some exciting 'virtual'  events coming up in the next few weeks, they are open to anyone, please do have a look and add to your diaries!


Sunday's during Covid-19 - Live Streamed Service with Oxford Diocese at 10am

Join the Diocese on Sunday 31st May at 10am for their next live streamed service.  Visit and you can also download the order of service to follow as well.

Saturday 6th June and Sunday 7th June 2020

The Tower Bells at Hampstead Norreys Church are being lowered for the first time in 400 years so they can be repaired at the Bell Foundary.  Before they are whisked away (or as quickly as you can whisk away something that weighs the same as a baby elephant!) special permission has been received to allow people to view the bells.

You can visit on Saturday 6th June between 10am and 12pm and 2pm to 4pm and the same on Sunday 7th June.

Due to social distancing restrictions you will need to book a place as we need to manage this safely for you.  To book a spot, email with your name, preferred time and number of people.  Please note, if you come as a group, you will all need to be from the same household.  You will be emailed back with a time slot and instructions on how to conduct your visit safetly.

Sunday 7th June - Trinity Sunday

Join the Hermitage Team on Sunday 7th June at 11am for a Morning Service for Trinity Sunday via Zoom. 
Zoom log in details:

Meeting ID: 792 5859 1982
Password: 7heki2

Sunday's @ 12.15pm during Covid-19 - Virtual Coffee & Chat

Join the team after the 11am service for Virtual Coffee & Chat.

Zoom log in details:

Meeting ID: 817 8190 9294
Password: 000006

Monday through to Friday the Hermitage Team will be hosting online services.  For full information head over to our dedicated page for more information.  Click here.